three player masks


Do you need effective protection for yourself and your family?
No problem Our disposable medical nasal masks are officially tested according to EN 14683, Type II and thus comply with all specifications for disposable medical nasal masks. Unsere Masken sind 3-lagig aufgebaut und garantieren dadurch eine >95%ige Reduzierung der Verbreitung von Bakterien und Viren beim Sprechen, Niesen, Husten und Ausatmen. Soft ear straps make our masks very comfortable to wear. The breathing resistance is very low, allowing easy breathing. Optimal protection for you and your environment.

Particle filtering half mask (FFP2)

If you are looking for certified FFP2 masks, there is no way around our premium quality FFP2 masks. Many FFP2 masks have only 3 layers of fleece, one of which is melt blown. Our premium masks have 5 fleece layers, 2 of which are “melt blown”. The special thing about our masks is that despite the increased number of fleece layers, there is no increased breathing resistance. Our masks filter over 98% of all particles, aerosols and other harmful substances to provide you and your environment with the best possible protection.

Children’s disposable mask

Do you need effective mouth and nose protection for your child? Then we have the right product for you!
Our disposable children’s masks are optimally adapted to the face of children, so that the mask also sits where it belongs. The masks provide > reduction in the spread of bacteria and viruses when speaking, sneezing, coughing and exhaling. The children’s mask has a 3-layer construction so that breathing is easy for your child. To ensure that the mask also fits comfortably, the children’s masks have soft ear straps that do not pinch. Likewise, our children’s masks are absolutely odourless.
If children have to wear a mask, then it should be a mask that meets their needs, right?
Each pack contains 5 different children’s motifs (10 per motif), so that your child also has some variety in their mask!

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