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from German FDA(German name: BfArM) approved Covid-19-N Antigen rapid tests for laymen, for home, for self to use
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COVID-19-N rapid antigen test SARS-CoV-2 (anterior nasal swab)

Easy to Use

The most important step in the procedure is correct sample collection. Please make sure to collect enough sample material (nasal secretion) in the anterior nose with the swab kit, especially when taking samples in the anterio-nasal region. For this purpose, we recommend that you blow your nose several times before taking the swab. After collection, the sample should be tested as soon as possible. Training for sample collection is strongly recommended due to the importance of sample quality. Please use the swab included in the test kit to ensure optimal test results.


Unscrew the extraction tube and pour the entire contents of the extraction buffer into the extraction tube.


Try to blow your nose several times before swabbing. Then carefully insert the swab into the nostril. The swab should be inserted up to 2.5cm deep from the edge of the nostril. Perform the swab in both nostrils. While doing so, dab the mucosa of the nostril to ensure that both mucosa and cells are collected. Rotate the swab several times during this procedure.


Insert the swab with the sample into the extraction tube. Now rotate the swab three to five (3-5) times while pressing it against the inside of the extraction tube to release the antigen. When extracting the swab, squeeze the extraction tube with your fingers to release as much liquid as possible from the swab. Then dispose of the swab immediately.


Put the lid back on the extraction tube. Add 3 drops (approximately 100μL) to the sample well (S) of the test cassette by gently squeezing the extraction tube (avoid formation of air bubbles) and start the timer.

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